You have it all down on paper. Your story, the message you want to share with the world.  Beautifully written, articulated perfectly.  Information that is not only valuable but life changing.  Whew you breath a sigh of satisfaction. Now the world will intuitively know your message is now available and thousands and thousands of people arrive on your doorstep waiting to give you money to read it. Right?  WRONG

Over the years I can’t even tell you how many times I have to explain to a client that there is a significant difference between a #1 author and a #1 best-seller.  It comes down to marketing. Hopefully you have organized and written your book with the audience in mind. So many times prospective story tellers make the story all about themselves. Instead the goal is to take the reader on a mission through your story that guides them to the same epiphany or AHA moment that you had.

There are a few ways you can find your target reader and a few mores ways you can easily market your book to turn it into a strong selling story.

First – you must identify almost down to their average bra size who they are.  Joking aside the more specific you can be, the easier they are to find.

Social Media – do a search for people who identify with some of the characterizes you’ve highlighted.  Entrepreneur, Coach etc.  Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent at giving a person an About section!

Use your local media, or ANY media –  Write a press release and send it, along with a good picture.  Follow up a few days later. Editors are always looking for new and fresh ideas for content.  Content rules their readership so don’t be shy!

Re-Purpose – Many clients I have worked with have forgotten to promote their Book to their own networks and website.  Can your Book be broken down into blog posts? Share tidbits a prospective buyer would be interested.  The idea here is to create curiosity.

Remember, the better you can sell and promote your book YOURSELF, the more you are likely to be picked up by a large reputable publisher.  Maybe your first book is self published but whose to say your next cant be published by Random or Hay House.  If you are interested in learning more , curious about own ghost writing services or want to work with us to take your message to the world – give us a call or reach out – we’d love to help you!