So, you have figured out why you want to write a book and hopefully you have set some foundation goals about who the book is for.  Wonderful!

Many times, when I ask my clients this question, the answer tends to really revolve around themselves.  This is a backwards way of thinking.  Ultimately you need to be thinking about the readers; what do they get?

The first question that a prospective reader asks of any author is this:

Out of all the available books on this topic, why should I read your book (or, in fact, any book at all)?

It is important for you to ask this question as though you are your ideal client. But before you can ask this question, you need to know who your ideal client is. Now is the time to spend time on asking questions about them, the reader.  Demographically, Geography and Psycho-graphically.  Questions like the following:





Educational Level:





Income level:


Type of books/blogs/magazines he/she likely reads:

Social Media Platforms they like and why:

  1. What are your ideal reader’s frustrations?
  2. What are their fears?
  3. What are their wants?
  4. What are their aspirations?

Now that you have essentially identified the characteristics of your ideal client, what are the key problems that your ideal client has that you, specifically, can solve?

Spend the time getting down to the answers then test, test,test.

Stay tuned, as our next tip will be all about where and how you go about finding and connecting with these target prospects.