Your Story

Think back to the moment you first dreamed of your business potential.  Picture yourself in that moment.  You were on the front steps of a new beginning, a new destiny for your life, a new future for you and your family – the start of your success.

You’ve gotten your name and what you can do for people.  You found a need and are filling it. Fast forward a few years, and here you are.  You made your plan, you set the wheels in motion and now have all the success you’ve ever imagined.  You have more money and free time than you ever dreamed and have a business that grows and prospers as each day comes and goes.

Wait a minute… ALL the success you’ve imagined?  Is that REALLY where you are?  Or, is the picture of your work and personal life really a little less fabulous?

You are bombarded daily by thousands and thousands of offers to grow and scale your business, your brand.  All of which promise to be easy, fast and virtually effortless.

Those around you who supported your endeavor from day one are beginning to feel neglected as the priorities of work always win.  You have less time to play, and need more time to work just to get by.

Is this what you had planned?  The sunshine of achievement has been dimmed by the clouds of reality.  Is success in your future or with the clouds close in and signal the end of your dream?

We SEE You!  We Know You –

The Real You. 

Authentic, Creative, Compelling

  • OVERWHELMED? PARALYZED with so many choices, directions and “Here’s the real secret / key / code” from self proclaimed experts “gurus” – We have over 20+ of experience of being in the trenches, with the credentials and battle scars to prove it
  • You are a coach, consultant, advisor, author, content creator, consultant, network marketer, – any professional service provider who is building a personal brand – you have a big message meant for millions – we’ll guide you through the social media waters with our focus on reputation management.
  • You are the owner/operator of a small business – we can take it to the next level.
  • You have a great product or service that more people need to know about – we will teach you how to make it happen!
  • You are launching a new product to your existing customers – we’ll show you how to make it a success.
  • You want new customers – we know where to find them! Off-line, Online, Organic or Paid – we’ll help you determine the perfect approach for your unique offer – and Your Unique Customer.
  • You want to break into a new demographic or geographic market – we can lead the way.
  • You are too busy to focus more time on business development – we’ve got the time for you!
  • Your existing staff are busy with current client work – we can handle the extra load.
  • You’re spending money on activities that aren’t generating results, Funnels, Challenges, Automation, Evergreen, whew – you’re caught up in the latest greatest “this will do it finally” tactical eruption– we’ll cut to the chase, define what works best for You and your Unique Customers – and get you results that happen! GUARANTEED!
  • You are frustrated with your current rate of growth – we’ll show you how to speed up and take off!
  • Your resources are limited – we can fill your needs without huge budgets – Firecrackers are the masters at bootstrapping

You see, the problems you’re facing in your business aren’t unique.  Most businesses are small businesses with the same challenges, struggles and problems staring you in the face.

You must (emphasis) be so focused on the day-to-day functioning of your business and having no time to see the big picture, let alone hold that vision making it much less likely to make that picture a reality.

We are Firecracker Consulting and we have created the ideal solution.  We’re here to walk you through the process of creating the company and lifestyle you desire.  We are not merely “consultants,” you can find one of those anywhere.

At Firecracker Consulting, we are “RESULTANTS” who specialize in business development and getting you the results you want.

Reach out, Connect with us and we will get to the nucleus of you business goals and develop sound strategies for YOUR Unique company!